Empathic listening

There is only one way of loving people: to love them as they are. And this is the beauty: that when you love them as they are, they change. Not according to you — they change according to THEIR reality. When you love them, they are transformed. Not converted; transformed. They become new, they attain newer heights of being. But that happens in their being, and it happens according to their nature. Help people to be natural, help people to be free, help people to be themselves, and never try to force anybody, pull and push and manipulate. Those are the ways of the ego. And that is what all politics is.



Listening with respect, empathy and compassion 

During Sweden’s biggest alternative festival, the No Mind Festival that starts in 3 days, the Zen Coaching network organizes a tent that is offering empathic listening. It’s called the Empathy tent. Everyone that wants to, will get a free or by donation 30-min listening session with a zen coach. I’m writing the document about listening at this moment, and I’m stunned at the beauty and simplicity of this practise. As Osho says above, “When you love them, they are transformed”. We as zen coaches don’t want to fix anything. We don’t want to analyze, discuss or fight. We just want to offer our love.

Here is Roger, my collegue, talking about the Empathy tent. If you come to the festival, you are so very welcome to show up at the tent for your listening session.  Who is actually giving to whom?


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