On Being Relaxed:

The first step in relaxing is the body. Remember as many times as possible to look in the body, whether you are carrying some tension in the body somewhere — at the neck, in the head, in the legs. Relax it consciously. Just go to that part of the body, and persuade that part, say to it lovingly “Relax!”

And you will be surprised that if you approach any part of your body, it listens, it follows you — it is your body! With closed eyes, go inside the body from the toe to the head searching for any place where there is a tension. And then talk to that part as you talk to a friend; let there be a dialogue between you and your body. Tell it to relax, and tell it, “There is nothing to fear. Don’t be afraid. I am here to take care — you can relax.” Slowly slowly, you will learn the knack of it. Then the body becomes relaxed.

Osho, The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol. 1, Chapter 8


Om beröring som förutsättning för överlevnad och läkning

Oxytocin är ett hormon och en signalsubstans som sätter fart i kroppen vid vänlig, fysisk beröring. Det styr en rad livsviktiga funktioner och är därmed avgörande för vår överlevnad, enligt Kerstin Uvnäs Moberg, professor i fysiologi och en av världens främsta experter på oxytocinet och dess effekter.

– Beröring är livsviktig. För de flesta är den så självklar att vi märker vad den gör först om vi blir utan, säger hon.

För oxytocinets effekter är häpnadsväckande. Det lindrar smärta, skyndar på läkningen av sår och skador, sänker blodtrycket och halterna av stresshormoner. Vi blir mer lugna, sociala och nyfikna på vår omgivning. Verkningarna är inte bara tillfälliga, utan dröjer sig också kvar en tid. Dessutom ger de mersmak – beröring är beroendeframkallande. Utan fysisk närhet kan vi inte återhämta oss, kroppen har inte en chans att lagra näring eller läka skador och sjukdomar.

DN-artikel, Insidan, 2004-03-23


On Just Being:

Simply being is not a matter of being anything in particular; it is not a matter of being according to any view of ourselves, realistic or not. Simply being means the absence of any activity, inner or outer, to be ourselves. Simply being is just that: Being.

A.H. Almaas, The Point of Existence, pg 81


On longings:

Look deep into your heart. Listen to the still small voice within. And remember one thing: life is fulfilled only through longings, never through ambitions. Life becomes blissful only through the heart, never through the mind. Mind creates science, the heart creates religion. …”



On listening to yourself and your own body:

If you listen and you become attentive to your body, you will start having a discipline that cannot be called a discipline.

Don’t follow any discipline from the outside, because that discipline may have been good for the person who created it…. You have to find your own body, its way, what suits — that’s right for you. Once you have found it, you can easily allow it, and it will not be enforced because it will be in tune with the body. So there is nothing that you are imposing on it it; there is no struggle, no effort.

Watch, while eating, what suits you. People go on eating all sorts of things. Then they get disturbed. Then their mind gets affected. Never follow anybody’s discipline, because nobody is like you, so nobody can say what is going to suit you. That’s why I give you only one discipline and that is of self-awareness, which is of freedom.

You listen to your own body. The body has a great wisdom in it. If you listen to it, you will always be right. If you don’t listen to it and you go on enforcing things on it, you will never be happy; you will be unhappy, ill, ill at ease, and always disturbed and distracted, disoriented.

Osho, The Discipline of Transcendence, Vol. 1, Talk #4


On Awareness & Relaxation:

Awareness is always ideal; there is no need to correct anything. Since everything that appears is simply the play of awareness, as such, there is nothing unsatisfactory and no need to judge thoughts as good or bad. The inherent goodness of awareness is beyond the limitations of judging mental activity as positive or negative.

Therefore, simply relax. Simply stay in your own place, in your own condition just as it is. Relax fixed reference points … Awareness is without effort, without strain, without attempts to control or force and without trying to become ”peaceful”.

If we find that we are disturbing ourselves in any of these ways, we may stop trying … and simply relax our body and mind for a while. Then we naturally resume restful awareness for a short moment. There is no awareness other than this complete ease of being.

Candice O’Denver, The Balanced View/Great Freedom Teachings


On the body as your anchor

Hang on to the inner body, let it be the anchor, then you’re present. If they say something challenging and you lose it again, pause, and anchor again. Practice, practice, continuous practice—because when you’re in touch with the inner body, spaciousness arises.

Eckhart Tolle


On the danger of being too strict about following techniques

To help you, many devices have been created. They all come from people who know, but they are all limited. No device can be unlimited. It is deviced by a certain man, deviced for certain other men. It is meaningful only in a certain context. That’s why knowledge is dangerous. If you carry it out of the context, it will cripple you. If you carry it out of context, it will suffocate, it will become a poison. It will not lead you out. On the contrary, just the reverse will be the case: it will become a hindrance, a closed door.

Osho, Journey to the Heart, ch. 7


On Love, as the only true way to change

There is only one way of loving people: to love them as they are. And this is the beauty: that when you love them as they are, they change. Not according to you — they change according to THEIR reality. When you love them, they are transformed. Not converted; transformed. They become new, they attain newer heights of being. But that happens in their being, and it happens according to their nature.
Help people to be natural, help people to be free, help people to be themselves, and never try to force anybody, pull and push and manipulate. Those are the ways of the ego. And that is what all politics is.


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